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Welcome to PokerWhip.com, the best rakeback site on the internet! If you don't know what rakeback is, click here. If you already know what rakeback is, and you are looking for the best percentages and fastest payouts for poker games, then you have come to the right place! Sign up now! It's free!

That's a free signup and a free rakeback account. There's no hidden fees, no paying for an upgraded account. We get paid by the sites, not you.

Try the rakeback calculator in the right menu and see how much money you've been leaving on the table if you've been playing without rakeback. A free Poker Whip account gets you access to all the programs you see below, plus entry codes into our monthly freeroll on Full Tilt.


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Stop letting the donkeys beat you. Grab the whip!

Now that you've seen the offers, let us tell you a little bit about our rakeback programs and how we deal with things. We aren't your usual rakeback company, run by tech guys who've figured out a few things about the poker world. We are exactly the opposite, a bunch of professional poker players who were tired of paying rake and tired of dealing with sly rakeback sites that paid us late if they paid us at all.

...you don't have to play at sky-high stakes to join us...

We tried everything to find a quality rakeback system for ourselves and our students, but all we found was hassle. We all come from a background in the gambling industry (poker, blackjack) but still struggled. NaNavigating the minefield of the poker affiliate world became so tiring that we decided to set something up for ourselves and our students and cut out all of the middlemen. Now we have tech guys on our side, and poker rooms taking notice and giving us great deals because we are high volume players. We deal mostly with professional online players, but you don't have to play at sky-high stakes to join us, we're open to anyone who is a serious player and expects to play a significant amount of online poker through us.

Our system is simple, and it's guaranteed. You sign up through us, you play some poker, you get paid. You won't find an online casino that will pay you to play poker. We pay the percentages we advertise, we've been in the business a long time and we aren't going anywhere, and we do everything we say we are going to do. Your rakeback is safe with us. And why would you join anywhere else?

If you're interested in trying to figure out who is still accepting US players, try Sunshine poker.

You sign up through us, you play some poker, you get paid.

Let's also talk about the pitfalls that you can run in to when choosing a rakeback provider. The poker affiliate world is a strangely convoluted business, where every site wants to be promoted, but few of them are willing to pay for it, and they have very little reason to treat the little guy with the same respect that they treat the big dogs. What do they care if a nickel-dime player or a small time affiliate gets mad at them? Because we are poker coaches and professional players, and we also help our students, we have enough strength in numbers to make the site stand up and take notice, and we have the power to back up our promises.

Pitfall #1 - Fly by night providers

With most poker sites, all you have to do is get someone to sign up through your affiliate account and you get a percentage of the rake they pay forever. This means that a rakeback site can offer you the world to get you signed up, but they don't always have to deliver it, and once you are signed up, you're stuck with them. I know too many pros who have no rakeback on a big site because they signed up with the wrong affiliate. Whether you choose us or not doesn't really matter, we aren't doing this for the money, but choose someone you know, or someone who has a name they wouldn't want to ruin. Go with someone who has integrity, and who isn't going to run off with your money. Because this site is run by Chris 'Fox' Wallace and Adam 'Hatfield13' Stemple, the former owners of pokerfox.net, and well known online pros, you can be sure that we aren't going anywhere.

Pitfall #2 - Low percentages or limited offerings

Many rakeback sites will offer you lower than maximum percentages or only offer a few sites. It's annoying to have to go to three different sites to check your rakeback numbers, and even more annoying to see that you are getting 22% while you could be getting 27% or more. We guarantee maximum allowable rakeback percentages on every poker room we work with or we don't add them to our site, and we offer every major network.

Pitfall #3 - Frequent reporting "errors"

Another great way for a rakeback affiliate to make some extra cash is to slack on their reporting, forgetting to add in a day here and there, forgetting to add in your sit and go income, or a host of other ways in which they can basically embezzle money from you. Most of these affiliates are never caught because their players are all amateurs who don't know any better. We deal with a lot of working pros, and we invite you to use PokerTracker,. Hold'em Manager, Sharkscope, or any other reporting tool that can help you see that the rake you paid is the same as the rake we give you credit for.

When you consider that most affiliates are only making a few percentage points on your rake (at least those of us who are paying max percentages), it's not surprising to find that many affiliates simply don't credit you with a small portion of your rake by hook or by crook. It isn't enough for most players to notice, and they aren't given access to the numbers, so they just ignore it and since they aren't playing Online Casino Blackjack they are happy they get paid at all. The affiliate can double or triple their profits this way, and we have found that many of them do exactly that. Most players don't even know they are being screwed!